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Anzac Eve

by Dave Armstrong

Every battle is Chunuk Bair; every war is the First World War
— someone

Two young New Zealand guys meet two young Australian girls at Gallipoli the night before Anzac Day. Maia and Lizzie work in an insurance office on the Gold Coast. Ben is a graduate of New Zealand history while Phil is a graduate of the Munich Beer Festival. The four are to attend the Dawn Ceremony as part of their OE. But are they there for a boozy party and possible hook-up, or to solemnly commemorate the occasion?

As the disparate group of twentysomethings prepare for dawn, they debate the Anzac experience. Is it just a convenient myth? How relevant is the futile century-old campaign today? And why are Aussies and Kiwis always competing?

During the night they drink, bitch, flirt, take selfies, and thrash out political issues, as well as more personal ones. Tempers flare, romance sparks and ghosts are uncovered. Directed by Jamie McCaskill, Anzac Eve is highly entertaining and takes an honest and unflinching look at the Anzac experience.

Anzac Eve was commissioned by the Festival of Colour and funded by NZ WW1 Centenary Fund